Save Money on Buying Generic Prescription Drugs

Save Money on Buying Generic Prescription DrugsA generic drug has the exact same active formula as a patented drug. It will have the same pharmacological effects, as well as the same benefits and side effects. It will also have the same strength even though it might not look the same. The main advantage of the generics is the price. Generics are FDA approved in America, so they can be used safely. Your doctor can prescribe cheap generic drugs when possible.

You need not worry that generic drugs are substandard. Generic drugs go through stringent testing and are made with the exact same ingredients as branded drugs on the market. You can be assured that they will be as effective as any patented drugs.

Generic medications are better choice than the brand name drugs because the manufacturers do not carry the huge expenses associated with launching a new drug onto the market. Generic drugs can save patients and medical insurance companies major costs. A saving of around 70 to 90 percent can be expected if you shop around.

There are many drugs that as yet do not have a generic version on the market. It may take many years for the generic of a popular or expensive drug to be approved. With some generics, there may slight variations in the formula which may affect how quickly the drug is absorbed.

Over the past few years, United States doctors are choosing to prescribe generics more frequently. This can help medical programs or insurance companies to keep members’ premiums from rising. This is a win-win situation with everyone reaping the benefits.

A cost comparison of a popular anti-depressant is a case in point. The branded product costs $107 for 30 tablets of 20 mg strength. The generic costs a mere $42 for the same. This is less than half the cost of the branded version. Always ask your pharmacist if there is a generic for any drug that you have been prescribed.

Save Money on Buying Generic Prescription DrugsDiabetes is a huge problem in the United States. Often caused by obesity, this condition requires expensive medication. If the patient has other associated problems this will push the cost up even more. A branded drug for diabetes can cost between $100 and $200 a month. You will pay half this for a generic.

If generic drugs are used to control a disease like diabetes and any other related conditions, the savings could be in the region of $60 – $80 a month. Many people do not have medical insurance, so this is a huge benefit. Consider the total of this savings over one year; it is substantial.

You can buy cheap generic drugs from many of sites on the Internet. This can save you even more money because you are cutting out the middle man. The resultant savings is therefore passed onto you. Always check that the pharmacy is registered.

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